PiBind™ Resin

A Quick and Easy Way to Remove Pi Contaminates from Buffer via Ionic Bond

PiBind™ Resin provides a quick and easy way to remove contaminating Pi from buffers. Inorganic phosphate (Pi) is a product of many enzymatic reactions, for example, those catalyzed by phosphatases and ATPases. Measurement of released Pi allows enzyme activity to be determined, but contamination of enzymes or buffers by Pi can lead to unacceptably high assay backgrounds. The resin works over a broad range of pH values and is unaffected by many commonly used buffer additives. PiBind™ resin can also be used to remove Pi from protein samples (e.g. tissue extracts). This method is quicker than dialysis and unlike desalting does not necessarily lead to a significant dilution of the sample.

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Removal of Pi from 300ml of 0.1mM Pi solution by 1g of PiBindTM Resin

PiBind™ resin efficiently removes Pi from a large volume of buffer

Figure 1. PiBind™ Resin efficiently removes Pi from a large volume of buffer. Pi was measured using PiColorLockTM, which is a modified malachite green reagent.

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