Streptavidin Check&Go!

Streptavidin Check&Go! allows users to confirm the successful conjugation of streptavidin to their antibody, without the need for any specialized or costly equipment.

It is a quick and simple immunochromatography test that requires only 10 minutes and very small quantities of the streptavidin conjugated antibody (See Figure 1.).

The key components of the kit include a nitrocellulose membrane containing a “Test line” of immobilized Protein A and Protein G, both of which have a high affinity for the Fc region of a variety of IgG molecules, and  40nm InnovaCoat® GOLD Biotin for detection.

  • Quickly check the success of your conjugation (only 10 minutes!)
  • Easy to use
  • No costly equipment required
  • Compatible with antibody conjugates generated using our Lightning-Link® Streptavidin Antibody Labeling Kits and other commercially available Streptavidin labeling technologies
  • Requires only small amounts of conjugated antibody (10ul of diluted conjugate)
  • Unique to Expedeon.

After performing your Streptavidin–IgG conjugation reaction, you can visually check the success of the conjugation by simply running your sample on the strip.


Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the Streptavidin Check&Go! Kit

Once the streptavidin–antibody conjugate is mixed with the 40nm InnovaCoat® GOLD–Biotin it forms a complex that flows along the nitrocellulose membrane. When this complex is bound by the Protein A and Protein G concentrated on the “Test line”, a visible red line appears on the strip that confirms that the conjugation was successful.

Figure 1.  Rabbit IgG has been conjugated with Lightning-Link® Streptavidin and run on Protein A / G strips at different concentrations together with 0.2OD InnovaCoat® GOLD–Biotin.  The signal intensity varies based on the antibody species.

Figure 2. Signal intensity of different Streptavidin–Antibody conjugates


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