InnovaCoat® GOLD – Carboxyl 40OD 40nm

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticle

InnovaCoat® GOLD-Carboxyl nanoparticles are coated gold nanoparticles functionalized with carboxyl groups that allow the covalent conjugation of antibodies, using the water-soluble carbodiimide crosslinker EDC.

The product enables the generation of highly stable covalent gold-antibody conjugates at R&D and manufacturing scales.

Unlike traditional EDC/NHS coupling used to activate carboxyl groups, InnovaCoat® GOLD-Carboxyl nanoparticles are optimized for single step EDC covalent coupling without signs of aggregation. This eliminates the need for EDC/NHS pre-activation and washing steps associated with traditional conjugations.

This process is also significantly faster than standard methods, with conjugates ready to use in less than 35 minutes.

InnovaCoat® GOLD carboxyl nanoparticles have a narrow size distribution, a uniform spherical shape and high batch-to-batch consistency.

Mean Diameter  36-44nm
SD  <4nm
CV%  <10%

Product details

Composition: 40nm carboxyl-gold 40 OD carboxyl gold nanoparticles web
Size: 40nm
Adsorption max: 530nm
OD: 40.0
Particles per ml: 36 x 1011
Volume: 1ml and 5ml
Buffer: 10mM EPPS pH 8.5

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Figure 1. Lateral Flow Assay of our 40nm InnovaCoat GOLD-Carboxyl gold nanoparticles conjugated with EDC (1 step) to a monoclonal anti-CRP antibody (mAb1) titrated against CRP in buffer compared to a 2 steps EDC/NHS reaction using a competitor’s 40nm carboxyl-gold. The 40nm InnovaCoat GOLD-Carboxyl conjugate shows a better sensitivity than the competitor, no aggregation is seen and requires only 35 minutes to make. Following the competitor’s instruction, their product required from 3 to 5 hours for the EDC/NHS activation and conjugation reaction and significant optimization to prevent aggregation.


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