imm-Link™ Immunogen Kits (for Antigens with Amine Groups)

BSA, Ovalbumin or Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) have the ability to stimulate a large immune response and are typically used as carrier proteins to generate antibodies against small antigens (peptides or organic compounds). For success the antigen (normally referred to as a hapten) needs to be covalently linked to the carrier protein.

The imm-Link™ Immunogen Kits (for antigens with amine groups) facilitate the conjugation of amine containing haptens to a carrier protein simply by adding a solution of the hapten to a proprietary lyophilized mixture containing the carrier protein and all the required conjugation chemistry.

On dissolution of the imm-Link™ mixture proprietary chemicals in the mixture become activated, resulting in the coupling of the hapten to the carrier protein in a gentle and controlled process. Typically, only 20–30 seconds hands-on time is required to set up the conjugation reaction.

  • All components supplied
  • Wide range of chemistries
  • Hands-on time to set up conjugation reaction is 20–30 seconds
  • Supplied dialysis cartridge ensures conjugates are recovered in high yield
  • Full technical support available.

Immunogen Kits (for antigens with amine groups)

Once the conjugation reaction is complete the hapten carrier conjugate is dialysed with ease using the supplied dialysis cartridge to remove unwanted byproducts from the conjugation reaction. The hapten conjugate can then be used for the purpose of antibody production. The design of the dialysis cartridge ensures that the hapten conjugate is recovered in high yield.

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