Biotin Q Conjugation Kit (With Inbuilt Quantification)


The Biotin Q kit is a unique antibody/protein conjugation system with inbuilt biotin quantification, which obviates the need for a separate determination of incorporated biotin using the HABA assay.

The conjugation procedure is extremely simple, with low hands-on time: the antibody to be labeled is used to reconstitute a freeze-dried activator compound, and the resulting mixture is added to the biotin Q chromophore ligand vial.

After a fixed time, the conjugate is desalted to remove excess ligand and the absorbance of the conjugate is read at A350 and A280. These absorbance values allow you to determine the yield of conjugate, its concentration, and the average number of biotins per antibody. This means no conjugates are lost during quantification and results are obtained rapidly and reproducibly.


Figure 1. Biotin Q antibody conjugation.

Calculate your antibody concentration, number of biotin per antibody and the percentage recovery with the calculator below. Enter you measured absorbance, choose your pack size and click submit.

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Select your pack size to calculate the % recovery:

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