Lightning-Link® Antibody Barcoding 5’ Series

Lightning-Link® Antibody Barcoding Kits – 5’ Series

The Lightning-Link® Antibody Barcoding Kit – 5’ Series enable rapid and simple conjugation of antibodies of choice to barcoded oligonucleotides designed for Genomic Cytometry techniques using the format below:

  • X represents the nucleotides of the barcode, each sequence is unique to Lightning-Link® Antibody Barcoding Kit – 5’ Series.
  • N represents a randomly selected A, C, G, or T.
  • The symbol * indicates a phosphorothioated bond, this modification renders the internucleotide linkage resistant to nuclease degradation.

The simple protocol doesn’t require any chemistry or conjugation expertise, only takes about 30 seconds of hands-on time, and doesn’t require one to purchase oligonucleotides separately.

The technology allows barcoding of as little as 10 µg of antibody, or 100 µg, to suit any Genomic Cytometry project requirements. It can also be used to barcode proteins and some peptides and other molecules.

Lightning-Link Antibody Barcoding FeaturesBenefits for Genomic Cytometry Users
DIY antibody conjugationFlexibility to study any target(s) in any species with any antibody clones
Simple protocolNo need to learn antibody oligo conjugation chemistry
30 seconds hands-on timeRapidity and ease for generating large panels
Included compatible oligosNo need to source and wait for oligos
Input as low as 10 µg of antibodyKeep the rest for other applications

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