Lightning-Link® Metal Labeling Kits

Current metal conjugation protocols can be complex and time consuming procedures, and may result in low antibody recovery. Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits allow metal / antibody labeling to be set up in less than 30 seconds – simply add the antibody solution to the activated metal ligand!

How Does It Work?



Features and Benefits of Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits

  •  30 seconds hands-on time
  •  Complete labeling in only 1 hour
  •  Scalable labeling of your antibody – label as little as 10 μg or 100 μg at a time
  •  No separation steps, 100% antibody recovery
  •  Gentle chemistry, stable conjugates
  •  Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
Gel Image Showing Lightning-Link® Metal Labeling Kit Antibody Labeling Efficiency



Figure 1. Goat Anti-Rabbit was labeled with a selection of Lightning-Link® metal labels at 10 µg single reaction vials. 2 μg conjugates per well were run on a 4-12% Bis-Tris gel (Expedeon, NBT41212), under non-reducing conditions for 20 minutes at 50V and 1 hour at 120V in 1x MOPS (Expedeon, NXB75500). The gel was stained with InstantBlue® (Expedeon, ISB1L) for 1 hour on the gel rocker. The gel showed no free antibody post conjugation for all conjugates except when the reaction was quenched at t=0, where no conjugation was observed.


DATA_Lightning-Link_Metal_XRFSpectra 2

Figure 2. X-Ray Fluorescence Lα series peaks used to quantify the metal content in Lightning-Link® Metal Labeling kit.


Pack, Pack Size


Pack, Pack Size


Pack, Pack Size


Pack, Pack Size


  • Lightning-Link® 139La, 1x 10ug SKU: M139-0010 Not available - Contact us

  • Lightning-Link® 139La, 1x 100ug SKU: M139-0100 Not available - Contact us

  • Lightning-Link® 141Pr, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M141-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 141Pr, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M141-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 142Nd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M142-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 142Nd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M142-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 143Nd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M143-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 143Nd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M143-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 144Nd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M144-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 144Nd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M144-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 146Nd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M146-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 146Nd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M146-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 147Sm, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M147-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 147Sm, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M147-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 148Nd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M148-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 148Nd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M148-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 149Sm, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M149-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 149Sm, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M149-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 151Eu, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M151-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 151Eu, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M151-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 152Sm, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M152-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 152Sm, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M152-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 153Eu, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M153-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 153Eu, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M153-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 154Sm, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M154-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 154Sm, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M154-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 156Gd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M156-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 156Gd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M156-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 158Gd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M158-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 158Gd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M158-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 159Tb, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M159-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 159Tb, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M159-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 160Gd, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M160-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 160Gd, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M160-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 162Dy, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M162-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 162Dy, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M162-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 164Dy, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M164-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 164Dy, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M164-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 165Ho, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M165-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 165Ho, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M165-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 166Er, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M166-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 166Er, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M166-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 167Er, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M167-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 167Er, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M167-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 168Er, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M168-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 168Er, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M168-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 169Tm, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M169-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 169Tm, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M169-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 170Er, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M170-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 170Er, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M170-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 171Yb, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M171-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 171Yb, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M171-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 172Yb, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M172-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 172Yb, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M172-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 174Yb, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M174-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 174Yb, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M174-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 175Lu, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M175-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 175Lu, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M175-0100

  • Lightning-Link® 176Yb, 1x 10ug $84.00 SKU: M176-0010

  • Lightning-Link® 176Yb, 1x 100ug $600.00 SKU: M176-0100

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