Latex Conjugation Kit

Our Latex Bead Conjugation Kits are one step kits for covalent conjugation of antibodies, proteins and peptides (or any other biomolecule with an amine group) to specially treated latex beads without the need for extensive optimization.

Our latex conjugation reaction has been developed using our expertise in simple and quick one step antibody conjugations such as our InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticle conjugation kits and our Lightning-Link® antibody labeling kits to produce a product unlike any latex bead conjugation kit available on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no specialist knowledge required
  • Different colors available –Flexible, allows multiplexing
  • Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality, excellent batch to batch reproducibility
  • Covalent bond – Highly stable conjugates
  • Freeze dried – Ships at ambient temperature, long shelf life
  • Fully scalable – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
  • No extensive pH optimization required – Save precious antibody / protein
  • Resistant to aggregation – Generation of high quality data.
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