Protein A – R-PE conjugate

Expedeon’s Protein A – R-Phycoerythrin conjugates are manufactured using our Lightning-Link® antibody labeling technology, therefore providing extremely high quality, stable conjugates. We are currently the only supplier of Protein A – R-PE conjugates. For added flexibility we provide the conjugates in two different pack sizes of 100ug and 1mg. Furthermore the conjugates are freeze-dried so shipping at ambient temperature is not a problem.


SpecificityMost mammalian IgGs
Host speciesE.coli and Red Algae
Product size100ug and 1mg total protein
BufferPhosphate Buffer

Protein A is a 42kDa surface protein of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which binds the Fc region of many mammalian IgGs. Its high affinity for immunoglobulins is the reason that it is often used in biochemical research.Additional information

R-Phycoerythrin (R-PE) is a 240kDa phycobiliprotein that is isolated from red algae. R-PE has a bright red-orange fluorescence with a high quantum yield, and is brighter than other conventional fluophores and phycobiliproteins. The absorbance spectrum of R-PE covers a range of excitation wavelengths, which provides an advantage for multi-color immunofluorescent staining or cell-sorting. The emission maximum of R-PE is at 575nm. R-PE is used for fluorescence-based detection, often in assays which require high sensitivity.

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Fluorescence intensity of Innova Bioscience’s Protein A – R-Phycoerythrin from two batches

Figure 1. Two batches of Protein A – R-Phycoerythrin conjugates made with Innova Bioscience’s Lightning-Link® conjugation technology were tested in ELISA as shown. Both batches perform similarly.

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