Streptavidin–Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)

Expedeon’s Streptavidin–Alkaline Phosphatase conjugates are manufactured using our  Lightning-Link® antibody labeling technology to provide extremely high quality, stable conjugates.

For added flexibility we have provided the conjugates in two different pack sizes of 100ug and 1mg. Furthermore, the conjugates are freeze dried for shipping at ambient temperature.


Specificity: Biotin

Host species: E.coli and Horseradish

Format: Lyophilized

Product size: 100ug and 1mg Streptavidin

Buffer: Phosphate Buffer

Storage: -20°C

Additional information

Streptavidin is purified from the bacterium Streptomyces avidinii. It is a tetrameric protein with a molecular weight of approximately 53kDa. Each of the four identical subunits will bind one biotin molecule with a very high degree of specificity and affinity (Kd = 10-15M).

Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) is a hydrolaze enzyme that is extracted from bovine intestine, and purified using multiple precipitation, fractionation, chromatography, and filtration steps. AP is frequently employed in immunoassays, with its commonly used substrate PNPP. The colored product of this reaction, p-nitrophenol, can be detected spectrophotometrically at 405nm. Fluorogenic substrates such as 4-methylumbelliferyl phosphate (MUP) may also be used.

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