Blotting Systems for Mini-Gels

Mini Temperature Controlled Tank Blotting Systems

Both systems are specifically designed for Western, Southern, Northern Blots with the capacity to accommodates four 10cm x 10cm gels simultaneously. The Mini Tanks features platinum wire electrode panels, internal cooling or freezer blocks, 4 gel cassettes, 4 sponge pads and safety cover with attached power leads.

Specification Table:

Cat. #Overall
L x W x H (cm)
Recommended Buffer
# of
Method of
Fits Gel Cassette/
Glass Plate Size
W x H (cm)
Compatible C.B.S. Scientific Vertical Systems
(catalog number)
EBX-70014 x 13 x 161200
(no freezer blocks)
(2 freezer blocks)
4freezer blocks10 x 10
10 x 8
DCX-700, QNX-700, QNC-700,
MGV-302, MGV-402, MGV-102, MGV-202
EBU-20414 x 13 x 161200 4cooling base10 x 10
10 x 8
DCX-700, QNX-700, QNC-700,
MGV-302, MGV-402, MGV-102, MGV-202

The Complete System Includes:

  • Blotting chamber with room for spin bar beneath cassettes and internal cooling base for temperature controlled runs.
  • 2 platinum electrode panels.
  • 4 transfer cassettes with 4 sponge pads.
  • 4 additional sponge pads.
  • Safety cover with power leads.
  • Tubing adapters.


  • The capability of transferring 4 gels simultaneously under identical temperature controlled buffer conditions with a cooling grid in the base.
  • Transfer cassette assembly consists of hinged, molded polycarbonate panels and sponge pads.
  • Stirring bar can be placed beneath the cassettes to allow buffer circulation, even temperature distribution and heat exchange during electrophoresis.
  • Fits four gels with precast cassette or glass plate dimensions of 10cm x 10cm.

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