Blotting Systems for Mini Gels

Mini Temperature Controlled Tank Blotting Systems

Both systems are specifically designed for Western, Southern, Northern Blots with the capacity to accommodates four 10cm x 10cm gels simultaneously. The Mini Tanks features platinum wire electrode panels, internal cooling or freezer blocks, four gel cassettes, four sponge pads and safety cover with attached power leads.

Specification Table:

Cat. #Overall
LxWxH (cm)
Recommended Buffer
# of
Method of
Fits Gel Cassette/
Glass Plate Size
WxH (cm)
Compatible C.B.S. Scientific Vertical Systems
(catalog number)
(no freezer blocks)
(2 freezer blocks)
4freezer blocks10x10;
DCX-700, QNX-700, QNC-700,
MGV-302, MGV-402, MGV-102, MGV-202
EBU-20414x13x161,200 4cooling base10x10;
DCX-700, QNX-700, QNC-700,
MGV-302, MGV-402, MGV-102, MGV-202

The Complete System Includes:

  • Blotting chamber with room for spin bar beneath cassettes and internal cooling base for temperature controlled runs
  • Two platinum electrode panels
  • Four transfer cassettes with four sponge pads
  • Four additional sponge pads
  • Safety cover with power leads
  • Tubing adapters.


  • The capability of transferring four gels simultaneously under identical temperature controlled buffer conditions with a cooling grid in the base
  • Transfer cassette assembly consists of hinged, molded polycarbonate panels and sponge pads
  • Stirring bar can be placed beneath the cassettes to allow buffer circulation, even temperature distribution and heat exchange during electrophoresis
  • Fits four gels with precast cassette or glass plate dimensions of 10cm x 10cm.

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