EPS-300 X Mini-Power Supply

Mini Power Supply 96-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, CE. Output 1-300V, Constant Voltage. current 1-500mA, 90 Watts. Economical, compact and stackable. Universal input accepts all domestic and international voltages. Features 4 sets of output terminals, timer, easy control Constant V/A with automatic crossover, monitor V/A/T while running, adjust V/A while running Vertical or Horizontal electrophoresis, Western blotting, DGGE/CDGE/TTGE/TDGS.


  • Power supply has compact, light and stackable design
  • Universal input power supply accepts all domestic and international voltages.
  • Parameters are set by pressing UP/DOWN arrow buttons in combination with a MODE button
  • Power output is controlled by setting a maximum value for voltage or current. The power supply automatically crosses over or switches the limiting parameter according to the programmed limits as the resistance of the electrical load changes during a run.
  • Safety features include no load detection, sudden load change protection, over voltage protection and automatic power failure recovery

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