Amintra® Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Beads

The amino acid sequence DYKDDDDK is a commonly used tag sequence which is recognised by Sigma’s Anti-FLAG® antibodies. DYKDDDDK-tagged proteins from in vitro protein expression systems, bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells can be purified using Amintra Anti-DYKDDDDK affinity beads that come stably linked with a high affinity monoclonal antibody that recognises the DYKDDDDK sequence.

Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Beads is an affinity chromatography medium designed for easy, one-step purification or immunoprecipitation of DYKDDDDK tagged fusion proteins at their N-terminal, C-terminal and internal locations.

The characteristics of Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Beads are summarized below:

Matrix4% agarose beads
LigandAnti-DYKDDDDK Antibody
Binding Capacity>1mg DYKDDDDK fusion protein/mL medium
Particle size (μm)45–165
Max Pressure0.1 MPa, 1 bar
Storage BufferPBS buffer with 0.02% sodium azide
Storage Temperature2ºC – 8ºC

For the purification of your DYKDDDDK-tagged fusion proteins, Amintra® Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Beads can be used in column chromatography, batch format and immunoprecipitation.

For large volumes of sample, column chromatography or batch format are recommended to quickly capture the target protein from a large volume of extract.

When a small amount of sample is being purified, immunoprecipitation procedure is recommended.

Key Benefits:

  • One step purification
  • Binding capacity: > 1 mg DYKDDDDK fusion protein/mL medium
  • Highly specific

FLAG® is a registered trade mark of Sigma Aldrich Biotechnology LP. It is used here for informational purposes only.

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