Amintra® Anti-HA Affinity Beads

The hemagglutinin (HA) tag is derived from the human influenza virus HA protein corresponding to amino acids 98-106 (YPYDVPDYA). The HA tag does not appear to interfere with the bioactivity or the biodistribution of the recombinant HA-tagged protein and therefore it has been extensively used as a general epitope tag at the N-terminal or C-terminal of the fusion protein. The anti-HA antibody coupled to the resin is a high-affinity monoclonal antibody that recognizes the HA-epitope tag.

Amintra Anti-HA Affinity Beads is based on a 4% agarose beads matrix and non-specific binding is rare. It can be used for HA fusion protein purification and immunoprecipitation. Its monoclonal antibody coupled to the bead matrix enables high yield and purity.

The characteristics of Anti-HA Affinity Beads are summarized below:

Matrix4% agarose beads
LigandAnti-HA Antibody
Binding capacity>1mg HA fusion protein/ml medium
Particle Size (μm) 45–165
Max. Pressure0.1 MPa, 1 bar
Storage buffer1 x PBS with 0.02% NaN3
Storage Temperature2ºC – 8ºC

For the purification of your HA-tagged fusion proteins, Amintra® Anti-HA Affinity Beads can be used in column chromatography, batch format and immunoprecipitation.

For large volumes of sample, column chromatography or batch format are recommended to quickly capture the target protein from a large volume of extract.

When a small amount of sample is being purified, immunoprecipitation procedure is recommended.

Key Benefits:

  • One step purification
  • Binding capacity: > 1 mg HA fusion protein/mL medium
  • Highly specific