Amintra® Nickel Magnetic Affinity Resin for His-Tagged Proteins

Amintra® Nickel Magnetic Affinity Resin

Increasingly, Amintra® Ni-NTA and Ni-IDA resins are employed for the purification of histidine tagged recombinant proteins expressed in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells.

The resins are typically useful in purifying small quantity low concentration histidine tagged proteins. For example, when 10–50μl of resin is required for protein purification, it is difficult to handle such small quantities in columns. Amintra® Nickel Magnetic resins can be easily processed with the aid of a magnet. The liquid / solid separation required in each purification step (i.e. equilibration, binding, washing and elution) is readily achieved with the aid of a magnet (e.g. magnetic stirring bar or other commercial magnetic devices).

Key benefits:

  1. Tailored base matrix design for batch magnetic purification of proteins
  2. High binding capacity (could be over 40mg / ml)
  3. Simple and convenient operation, no chromatography training required
  4. Flexible operational conditions
  5. Low cost.

Protein Purification Procedure

Amintra Nickel Magnetic for His Tagged Proteins Purification Procedure for affinity chromatography

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