AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns

For the Purification of His-Tagged Proteins

AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns are ready to use prepacked columns for affinity purification of His-tagged proteins. They are packed with Ni-NTA resin and are available in 1ml and 5ml. AminTRAP HIS Prepacked Columns have a standard interface and can be adapted to chromatography systems such as ÄKTA.

  • Ready to use
  • Compatible with ÄKTA systems
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Column size: 0.7 × 2.5 cm (1 ml); 1.6 × 2.5 cm (5 ml)
  • Matrix: Highly cross-linked 6% agarose
  • Binding capacity: >40mg 6xHis-tagged protein/ml medium
  • Particle size: (μm) 45 – 165
  • Maximum pressure: 0.3 Mpa, 3 bar
  • Storage: Solution 1x PBS containing 20% ethanol

Additional Information

Suitable for proteins expressed in a series of expression vectors, such as E.coli., yeast, insect cells and mammalian cells. Ni-NTA resin consists of 90μm beads of highly cross linked 6% agarose, to which Nitilotriacetic acid (NTA) has been coupled. The chelating group has then been charged with nickel ions (Ni2+). This form has a very stable octahedral structure of nickel ions in the center, which can protect the nickel ions from attack from the competitive small molecule. The structure of Ni-NTA is compatible with certain concentrations of reducing agents, denaturing agents, detergents and other additives.

Storage: +2–8 ºC
Shelf Life: Two years from receipt.

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