Amintra® Streptavidin Resin

Amintra® Streptavidin Resin – Ultra High Biotin Binding

Using an innovative immobilization technology, Amintra® Streptavidin Resin offers an ultra high biotin binding capacity with a very low leaching.

Constituted of pure recombinant streptavidin covalently cross linked and immobilized on fine beaded agarose, Amintra® Streptavidin Resin can be used to bind biotinylated biomolecules in a variety of batch or column type affinity procedures with low nonspecific binding.

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Key Benefits:

  • High capacity (330nmol free Biotin / ml gel)
  • Inert and robust (leach resistant covalent bonds)
  • Different formats available (2mL, 5mL, 10mL)
  • Better results with lower costs.


  • Immobilization of biotinylated biomolecules or drugs
  • Immunoprecipitation, ChIP, cell capture, and others
  • Cell surface labeling with biotinylation reagents, followed by precipitation with streptavidin
  • Recovery of biotinylated DNA for dideoxy sequencing.

Additional Information:

  • Storage conditions: 4°C to 8°C
  • Shelf life: One Year from receipt
  • Antimicrobial agent: 10mM sodium phosphate, 150mM NaCL, pH 7.2 with 0.05% azide and 1mM EDTA
  • Typical binding capacity: >330nmol free Biotin / ml gel
  • Supporting matrix: Highly cross linked agarose, 6%
  • Bead size range: 20–50µm
  • Amintra streptavidin resin: Agarose Beads Bulk Resin.