Amintra Desalting Spin Column

Key benefits:
Rapid desalting or buffer exchange
Very little loss of target molecules (typically > 95% recovery)
Suitable for proteins (> 6,000 dalton) and DNAs (> 10 bp)
DNAse free

Amintra Desalting Spin Column is particularly useful for the following applications:
Desalting of histidine-tagged proteins (e.g. imidazole and NaCl) recovered from IMAC Amintra Desalting Spin Colum
Desalting of samples before loading to SDS-PAGE or GELFREE 8100
Desalting of samples before conducting other analysis
Buffer exchange, for example, after low pH elution
Desalting of DNAs

The small porous particles provide huge surface area with very short diffusion distance, which means small molecules such as salt can be partitioned rapidly. In comparison, both dialysis tube and membrane ultrafiltration have very low surface areas. It always takes much longer to conduct dialysis (typically from a few hours to a few days). Membrane ultrafiltration of small samples always experiences membrane blockage and severe loss of valuable materials
Configuration of Amintra Desalting Spin Column

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