Amintra® NHS-activated

Amintra® NHS-activated is a bead-formed, highly cross-linked pre-activated matrix prepared by coupling Amintra® NHS-activated with 6-aminohexanoic acid via a spacer arm, specifically designed for affinity purification. The terminal carboxyl group is activated by esterification with N-hydroxysuccinimide. Ligands containing primary amino groups couple directly to this active ester to form a chemically very stable amide linkage. To maintain high activity, Amintra® NHS-activated is supplied as a suspension in 100% isopropanol, which should be washed away before use. Specific regulations may apply when using this product since it can require the use of explosion-proof areas and equipment.

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Mean particle size90 μm
Particle size range45 to 165 μm
Bead structureHighly cross-linked 4% agarose, spherical
Linear flow velocity 1150 cm/h at 100 kPa
Ligand density16 to 23 μmol NHS/ml drained medium
pH stability 2long term: 3 to 13; short term (CIP): 2 to 13

1 At 25°C, 25 cm bed height (base matrix). The flow velocity after coupling may differ depending on the ligand.
2 Depends on the ligand. Tested with lysine as ligand with single-point attachment.