Stabil-PAC (Contains NVoy Polymer + Release Agents)

Expedeon’s Stabil-PAC contains 6 vials of NVoy Polymer and release agent. Stabil-PAC is a convenient, evaluation size pack, to determine the benefits that the technology will have for a particular protein / project / application. Following the successful evaluation, larger volume NVoy Polymer Packs can be supplied for routine use.
Stabil-PAC contains suffient NVoy Polymer to protect at least 12 mg of protein, and for Stabil-PAC Maxi up to 48mg of protein can be protected.
Contents: 6 x Vial each containing 10 or 40 mg (maxi size) NVoy, 1 x Vial containing 4 ml DMSO, 1 x Vial containing 4 ml Strong Release Agent

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