Antibody Purification kits

Our purification kits share a number of key advantages:

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no specialist knowledge required.
  • High levels of antibody recovery – Save precious reagents.
  • Simple to use – Kits contain everything required for successful purification.
  • AbSelectTM  – Specifically designed to complement the Lightning-Link® and Thunder-Link® PLUS product ranges.
  • AbPureTM – Specifically designed to complement InnovaCoat® GOLD products.
  • Antibody Concentration & Clean Up Kit specifically designed for Latex, Europium.
  • Species-specific purification kits available  – Compatibility with labeling kits to ensure optimum conjugation efficiency.
  • Scalable – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing.
  • Easy to use purification flowcharts provided – Simple selection of the appropriate purification kit:
    • Latex & Europium Purification Decision-making Diagram.
    • AbPureTM Decision-making Diagram (compatible with nanoparticles).
    • AbSelectTM Decision-making Diagram (compatible with Lightning-Link® and Thunder-Link® labeling kits).
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