AbPure™ Antibody Purification System

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The AbPure™ Antibody purification system, an affinity-based purification kit, enables the easy purification of antibodies in any buffer formulation, and it is compatible with Innova’s Latex and InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugation kits.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to use
  • High recoveries
  • Compatible with many species and subtypes of IgGs

The kit can be used to:

  1. Clean-up commercially available antibodies (which often contains additives that interfere with conjugation reactions)
  2. Purify antibodies from crude samples such as immune serum and ascites fluid.

Purification procedure:

AbPure™ Antibody Purification System - diagram

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For more information, please read our Antibody Purification Guide.

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AbPure™ Antibody Purification System results:

SDS-PAGE shows the sample containing Rabbit IgG pre and post purification by using AbPure™ Purification kit. BSA has been successfully removed without compromising the antibody recovery.

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