AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System

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The AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System is a protein A-based antibody purification system with a unique set of elution and neutralization buffers.

The AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System can directly replace any existing protein A purification kit and can be used to isolate IgG antibodies from crude mixtures. A major advantage of the AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System is that the purified antibody is eluted in a buffer mixture that is compatible with all popular conjugation chemistries (e.g. Lightning-Link, InnovaCoat® GOLD, ThunderLink® PLUS and reactions involving NHS esters, carbodiimides, isothiocyanates and maleimides).

No dialysis of the antibody is needed prior to conjugation as the interfering substances found in other purification kits (e.g. Tris, citrate and glycine) have been replaced in the AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System with conjugation-friendly alternatives.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal – compatible with a wide range of labeling technologies
  • Quick & easy to use – less than 15 minutes hands-on time
  • High levels of antibody recovery (70-90%) – save precious reagents
  • No special equipment needed apart from magnetic stand – simple to use
  • Flexible – perform up to 10 purifications at the smallest working scale

How does the kit work?

The method involves capturing the antibody on the Protein A Magnetic Beads. Protein A has a high affinity for the Fc regions of IgG molecules from a variety of species; once the antibody has bound to the Protein A, unwanted substances can be removed by simply collecting the beads in a magnetic stand and washing the beads. The antibody is then eluted and neutralized.

AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System - diagram

For more information, please read our Antibody Purification Guide.

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Figure 1. Rabbit serum purification. A sample of rabbit serum has been purified by using AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System. The gel picture shows how all the contaminants are effectively removed and the purified rabbit IgG is eluted.


Figure 2. Rabbit IgG purification. 20ug (A), 25ug (B) or 50ug (C) rabbit IgG was purified using the AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System, demonstrating high recoveries in the first elution fraction even at the smallest working scale.




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