AbSelect™ Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit

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Antibodies are sometimes only available at low concentrations and often contain low molecular weight substances that interfere in labeling reactions with enzymes, biotin, streptavidin and fluorophores. The AbSelect™ Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit can be used to:

  1. Quickly and easily concentrate antibodies and proteins
  2. Remove nonprotein additives such as sodium azide, tris and glycine
  3. Perform a simple buffer exchange for more favourable conjugation conditions

The AbSelect™ Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit method utilizes a simple spin column to easily and quickly remove excess buffer from the antibody thereby providing a more concentrated antibody solution.

Key Benefits of the AbSelect Concentration and Clean Up kit:

  • Easy and quick to use
  • High recoveries, around 60–100%
  • Suitable for Lightning-Link Ab labeling kits and for other kits.

Kit Contents:

  • Three spin cartidges / collecting tube assemblies (of up to 0.5ml)
  • One bottle of AbSelect™ conjugation buffer.

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The antibody will be retained by the filter, while the buffer can be exchanged by centrifugation into a more suitable one. It is advisable to have at least 50ug of antibody in a volume of 100ul for the concentration step to be successful.

Please note that if other proteins (e.g. BSA, Gelatin) are present, they will be retained by the filter as well and concentrated.

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