AbSelect™ A Antibody Purification System

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Commercially available antibodies often contain substances (e.g. BSA, glycine, tris, azide) that interfere in labeling reactions. The AbSelect™ A Antibody Purification System quickly removes these contaminants. It can also be used to purify antibodies from crude samples such as ascites fluid or immune serum.

The antibody to be purified or cleaned up ideally is in a volume of 100ul to 0.5ml. Up to 500µg of antibody can be purified in each run. The AbSelect™ A Antibody Purification System method involves capture of the antibody on protein A resin and the removal of unwanted substances by a simple wash procedure. The purified product is then eluted and neutralized.

The components of the AbSelect™ A Antibody Purification System are fully compatible with the Lightning-Link® and Lightning-Link Rapid® antibody labeling system (available separately), which allows the purified antibody to be rapidly conjugated with a wide variety of labels.

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