AbSelect™ G Antibody Purification System

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Commercially available antibodies often contain substances (e.g. BSA, glycine, tris and azide) that interfere in labeling reactions with enzymes, biotin, streptavidin or fluorophores. The AbSelect™ G Antibody Purification System quickly removes these contaminants. It can also be used to purify antibodies from crude samples such as ascites fluid or immune serum. The antibody to be purified or cleaned up ideally is in a volume of 0.1ml to 0.5ml. Up to 500ug of antibody can be purified in each run.

The method involves capturing the antibody on the AbSelect™ Protein G resin. Protein G has a high affinity for the Fc regions of IgG molecules from a variety of species. Once the antibody has bound to the Protein G, unwanted substances can be removed by simply washing the resin. The purified product is then eluted and neutralized.

The AbSelect™ G Purification System is fully compatible with the Lightning-Link® conjugation systems (available separately), which allow the purified antibody to be immediately labeled with a hands-on time of under 30 seconds.


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