AbSelect™ A TCS Antibody Purification System

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Features and Benefits

Antibodies are often generated from hybridoma cell lines and supplied in tissue culture supernatant (TCS). TCS itself contains many substances that interfere with antibody labeling reactions. Successful labeling therefore requires antibodies to be purified prior to labeling. The AbSelect™ A TCS Antibody Purification System is a fast and simple method to purify these antibodies.

AbSelect™ A TCS Antibody Purification System is prepared by coupling highly purified protein A to agarose beads which can be used to purify IgG fractions from hybridoma supernatants. The method involves the capture of the antibody on the AbSelect™ A TCS resin and the removal of unwanted substances using a simple wash procedure. The purified product is then eluted and neutralized.

The components of the AbSelect™ A TCS Antibody Purification System are fully compatible with the Lightning-Link™ antibody labeling kits (available separately), which allows the purified antibody to be immediately labeled with an enzyme, fluorescent protein or fluorescent dye, with a hands-on time of under 30 seconds. For more information, please read our Antibody Purification Guide.

AbSelect™ TCS Antibody Purification System - Western Blot data

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