Amintra® Protein A Magnetic

Protein A is immobilized to highly porous and highly cross-linked agarose incorporating magnetic material. The particles have an open pore structure with excellent mass transfer properties for large protein molecules. Amintra® Protein A Magnetic can be used in any commercially available magnetic device or be settled with any magnet (such as a magnet bar or magnetic plate, etc.

Key benefits:

  1. Tailored base matrix design for batch magnetic purification of immunoglobulins
  2. Simple and convenient operation, no chromatography training required
  3. Flexible operational conditions
  4. Low cost
  5. No special magnet required

Discover more about affinity purification with our downloadable guide


  • Matrix: Cross-linked agarose encapsulating magnetic material
  • Binding capacity: > 10 mg human IgG / ml gel
  • pH stability: 2-10 (short term) and 5-9 (long term)
  • Working temperature: +4ºC to +30ºC
  • Chemical stability: Compatible with most commonly used reagents for antibody purifications
  • Sanitisation: Wash the resin with 2% hibitane / 20% ethanol
  • Storage: 20% ethanol at +4ºC – +8ºC


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