Amintra® Protein G Magnetic Affinity Resin

Protein G is immobilized to a highly porous and highly crosslinked magnetic agarose base matrix. Agarose has long been used for chromatographic separations due to its excellent hydrophilic and low nonspecific binding nature. The particles have an open pore structure with excellent mass transfer properties to large protein molecules. The medium shows high mechanical rigidity, and can be settled with any magnet. Stored as a 20% slurry in ethanol.

Amintra® Protein G Magnetic Resin is highly stable and compatible with a wide range of chemicals commonly required in antibody purification processes to isolate proteins.

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Additional Information

  • Matrix: Crosslinked agarose encapsulating magnetic material
  • Binding capacity: >10mg human IgG / ml gel
  • pH stability: 2–10 (short term) and 5–9 (long term)
  • Working temperature: +4°C to +30°C
  • Chemical stability: Compatible with most commonly used reagents for antibody purifications
  • Sanitization: Wash the resin with 2% hibitane / 20% ethanol
  • Storage: 20% ethanol at +4°C – +8°C.

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