FFPE-FASP Protein Digestion Kit

Complete Protein Solubilization. Complete Trypsin Digestion. Every Time. Now you can use aggressive, whole proteome solubilization protocols and reagents to prepare proteins from any biological material for trypsin digestion and analysis by mass spectrometry. Based on the Universal Sample Preparation method developed by Wisniewski, Zoubman, Nagaraj and Mann, Protein Discovery’s FASP Protein Digestion Kit enables efficient digestion of samples for proteome analysis, even in the presence of the most extreme contaminating species. This method is the perfect complement to lysis buffers containing strong detergents and reducing agents. No longer are you forced to choose between efficient extraction or digestion. The FASP kit allows you to do both at the highest efficiency.

FFPE-FASP Protein Digestion Kit
De-paraffinization and Uncrosslinking. Unbiased Extraction and Complete Solubilization. Same-As-Fresh Quantification. Filter-Aided Sample Prep (FASP) is the enabling technology behind quantitative mass spectrometry analysis of archived tissues. Based on a spin-filter sample preparation method initially described by Manza, et al., and developed further and extended to FFPE tissue processing by Ostasiewicz, et al., this method features unbiased extraction, complete proteome solubilization, and highly efficient digestion. The resulting filtrate is free of detergents, large molecules, and other substances that would interfere with mass spectrometry analysis of the proteome.


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