PPS Silent Surfactant

PPS Silent(R) Surfactant
Use a Single-Tube, Zero Clean-Up Protocol to Extract, Solubilize, and Digest Proteins from Small Cell Populations. Now you can use mass spectrometry to analyze proteins extracted from LCM samples and other small cell populations without pooling cells from multiple sections. PPS Silent Surfactant disrupts cell membranes, extracts and solubilizes proteins, then breaks down into non-surfactant hydrolytic cleavage products. The single-tube protocol prepares samples for nanoLC-MS/MS analysis without the use of salts or detergents which would necessitate yield-reducing sample clean-up prior to injection.

Reduces detergent interference in mass spectrometry
Disrupts cell membranes
Solubilizes hydrophobic proteins
Improves enzymatic efficiency
Improves MS analysis of complex protein mixtures
Improves membrane protein ID
Hydrolyzes into soluble, non-surfactant cleavage products

Increase shotgun proteomics sequence coverage
Enable membrane proteomic analysis of cells captured by LCM
Potentiate trypsin digestion of membrane proteins
Enable iTRAQ quantitation of insoluble proteins
PPS Silent Surfactant is acid-cleavable

How it Works
PPS Silent Surfactant is acid-cleavable so it can be removed by hydrolysis. The intact molecule is zwitterionic, so PPS Silent Surfactant can also be removed by SCX HPLC.

Hydrolysis of PPS Silent Surfactant clears detergent interference. Acid hydrolysis of PPS Silent Surfactant clears detergent interference, enabling mass spectrometry analysis of peptides resulting from trypsin digestion of complex protein mixtures. Hydrolysis products are non-surfactant. Loss of surfactant property upon hydrolytic cleavage. Cleavage occurs within 30 minutes in 0.25 M HCl.
Hydrolysis of PPS Silent Surfactant clears detergent interference

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