Features & Benefits

Ultra Low volume requirement as little as 0.7 μl
Easy to use
Cap closing action,
No need to remove cuvette from device
Surfaces are easy to wipe clean after measurement
Fast and accurate measurements
Wide dynamic range using different pathlength
Eliminate the dilution stage – save time

The preparation and isolation of nucleic acid and templates from mini-preps, DNA kits, PCR reactions and gel elution for use in, for example, automated DNA sequencing often results in very low yields of between 1-5 ug of sample with very high native absorbance. Due to the narrow pathlength of the VersaCell such samples can be measured directly the VersaWave using as little as 0.7 ul sample and without the need for dilution, thereby saving valuable time. Quantification and purity analysis are therefore easily determined at any point during the preparation and isolation steps.

Proven sample handling technology – save hassle

Due to the integrated beam deflection and the use of fibre optic cables, it is possible to measure the sample directly on the surface of the optical window of the Tray. The cap with mirror provides a well-defined optical light path and prevents the sample from drying up ensuring reproducible measurements as the sample will not be enriched by evaporation of the solvent. The VersaTray is available with a 1 mm pathlength (3-5ul sample) or 0.2mm pathlength (0.7-4ul)

Technical Specification

VTC1000 VTC0200
Wavelenght Range 190 – 1050
Pathlength 1.0 mm 0.2 mm
Sample Volume 3 – 5 μl 0.7 – 4.0 μl
DNA detection limit 5 ng/μl 15 ng/μl
DNA Max 1500 ng/μl 7500 ng/μl
BSA detection limit 0.1 mg/ml 0.5 mg/ml
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