Purified DNA Whole Genome Amplification Service

Workflow and Technical Information

The TrueAdvance workflow for Purified DNA Whole Genome Amplification consists of:

TrueAdvance Purified DNA WGA Procedure
For each plate, 3 negative controls (no template) and 3 positive controls (human genomic DNA) are used.

Please Note: Samples need to be sent in PCR tubes, PCR strips or 96 well plates compatible with Bio-Rad PCR machines. For plates, 6 wells need to be empty for the controls.

CovCheck Genome Coverage QC

CovCheck is our unique quality control assay for amplified human DNA samples. It is a PCR panel of 24 primers which can quickly determine genome coverage after amplification to screen samples suitable or not for further analysis. This prevents wasting your time and money on sequencing and data analysis. Our QC also includes quantification after amplification and after purification. We consider that a sample has been amplified successfully if the estimated genome coverage with CovCheck is 85% or more. You will receive a report of our QC for all submitted samples, and can decide if some samples that did not pass our CovCheck genome coverage QC can be considered successful anyway depending on the nature of your project.

Typical whole genome amplification QC are done by quantification of yield. This kind of QC are limited and only covers these potential issues, which are the less likely to happen:

• No cell/DNA in the tube/well
• Faulty WGA kit
• Sample buffer incompatibility with WGA kit

Our unique CovCheck WGA coverage QC covers these issues, which are more likely to happen, especially with single-cells:

• Damaged nucleus/cells
• Preferential binding of the primers to specific regions of the genome
• Nonspecific amplification artefacts
• Internal or external contaminations
• Bad DNA quality/quantity

Pricing : you are only charged for Successful Amplification Results

Please fill in the form to the right for more information on our our Purified DNA Whole Genome service  or to enquiring about ordering samples.  Samples will need to be shipped on blue ice. Shipment of the amplified samples back to you is included in our service prices.

The pricing structure for up to 90 samples follows:

Number of Samples Price of First Sample Price per Extra Sample
6 £568.18 £100.00
7-12 £636.36 £90.91
13-24 £772.73 £81.82
25-48 £1,022.73 £72.73
49-90 £1,500.00 £62.73

Our prices are disclosed in more details the dropdown box “Number of Samples”. “Price of First Sample” is the fixed minimum price charged for any services order and include the first sample passing our CovCheck genome coverage QC. “Price per Extra Samples” is the additional price per any samples passing our CovCheck genome coverage QC. And “Price for all Samples” it the total price if all samples passed our CovCheck genome coverage QC. We do not charge for samples that do not pass our CovCheck genome coverage QC, and taken out of the total price when invoicing accordingly.


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