Read a range of received testimonials from existing customers.

  • “We have had nothing but fantastic experiences with both Expedeon’s sales staff as well as their R&D staff. From the timely generation of quotes and custom project pricing, to the extremely helpful discussions with R&D, we have been duly impressed. Everyone on the Innova team handles themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, and are experts in field. Regarding custom antibody:oligonucleotide conjugates, we were initially impressed with the quality of the conjugates we ordered, and are constantly being “re-impressed” since the quality of subsequent conjugates keeps improving! Again, the Innova team’s expertise in the challenging field of antibody conjugation allows them to tackle any project we toss to them with no hesitation and generate a top-notch product to boot. Overall, we are thoroughly pleased with Innova’s work and staff. We would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who needs excellent custom labeling and conjugation work – you will not be disappointed!”

    Lou Casta, Ph.D. at Genisphere, LLC.

  • “We’ve been really impressed with Innova’s products. Their biotin kit is simple to use and proved more durable than many competitors’ kits, and we’ve seen significant improvements in reproducibility since we started to use them regularly. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Lightning–Link® technology.”

    Dr Jake Micallef, CSO of VolitionRx

  • “Like many other small diagnostics companies we have used our own HRP activation and conjugation techniques for some years. However, on trying Innova’s Lightning Link kit we found its simplicity and the high level of functionality of the conjugates produced to be significantly better.

    We have since tried another, similar kit but the resulting product was decidedly inferior, with lower signal and higher noise. We plan to continue using Lightning–Link® for our existing ELISAs and also for others to be added to our food testing range in the next few years.”

    Chief Executive at Bio-Check (UK) Limited

  • “Lightning–Link® Alkaline Phosphatase kit is a simple, easy-to-use kit, to biochemically label protein of interest, in our case, anti-HIV envelope antibodies, for ELISA. Labeling antibody with this kit does not affect the function and avidity of the antibody. One advantage in using this kit is that there is no need to remove excess alkaline phosphatase from the reaction mixture at the end of the incubation. The omission of this step does not affect our ELISA analysis.”

    Tommy Tong, Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • “How many of us remember having to run pairwise assays and preparing conjugates the old-fashioned way? I have avoided doing this assay for many many years and even thinking about it now makes me cringe.

    When I ordered the Lightning-Link® HRP conjugation kit I was not expecting much but I went ahead and did the conjugations. From the standard pairwise assay results, I also tested combinations of monoclonal antibodies for coating as well as combinations of conjugated monoclonal antibodies to look at improving the sensitivity of dengue antigen detection.

    I have not used any other conjugation kits but I have to say that the Lightning–Link® HRP conjugation kit has quashed any reservations I had of running pairwise assays!”

    Tio Phaik-Hooi, Scientist at Venture Technologies

  • “Having made our own passively adsorbed antibody-coated gold colloid for some years then more recently moving to a high OD, no-spin method, we were a little reluctant to try out another method quite so soon. However the extreme simplicity and rapidity of the InnovaCoat® Gold covalent conjugation, combined with the excellent functionality and consistency of the final product greatly helped us make the change. We now use less colloid per test in a demanding, room temperature stored, liquid formulation and are finding the development of new rapid tests to be significantly easier.”

    Phil Goodwin, UK Biotechnology Professional

  • We regularly use the Imm-Link kits with great success. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a quick and easy immunogen kit!

    Jennifer Johnson, Vice President of Operations at Abcore LLC

  • The first Innova kit that I used was a PerCP-Cy5.5 tandem. It was so easy and worked beautifully. Then I tried 2 DyLight kits from a different company and the antibodies came out dim and unusable for my flow cytometry. Since I had used Innova’s tandem kit successfully, I tried their DyLights (594 and 680). They worked beautifully and were nice and bright. So much brighter than what I achieved from the other company’s kits.

    The kits that failed were much more complicated as well because they used columns and resin that you had to prepare. Your kits are so much simpler and better. All you need to do is pipet.

    Lastly, I used a second Innova tandem kit (APC-Cy7) to replace a streptavidin secondary Ab step in my protocol. Your kit again performed wonderfully, and I was able to shorten my protocol by 1 hour. In summary, I have used four different Innova Lightning Link kits and every one has performed perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.

    Renee Szakaly, University of Wisconsin-Madison