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Why choose RunBlue Bis-Tris Protein Gels?

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✓ Standard Bis-Tris Buffers – compatible with MES and MOPS buffers

✓ Standard format – compatible with tanks such as NuPAGE® XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell

✓ Standard Bis-Tris Protocol – fast run times at 200V

✓ Neutral running pH – sharp bands and high protein integrity

✓ Unique homogeneous polymerisation – increased consistency and no residual free acrylamide

✓ Extra Wells – run up to 12 or 17 samples simultaneously

✓ Deep and wide wells – load up to 35 μl (12 well) or 20 μl (17 well)

✓ Protruding teeth – no well contamination in case of overloading

✓ Resilient gel matrix – tear-proof gel and risk-free handling

✓ Comb-free – reduced risk of broken or damaged teeth

✓ Strip-free – no potentially ruined Western Blots

✓ Neutral buffer and high chemical stability – shelf life of 1 year at 4°C and 3 months at RT

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