TrueAdvance Whole Genome Amplification Services


Based on a technology with higher sensitivity, suitable for very reduced DNA samples

High quality samples with high genome coverage due to reduced random primers bias

Additional QC steps to ensure quality before any downstream application

TrueAdvance DNA amplification service

TrueAdvance is Expedeon’s services for Whole Genome Amplification (WGA), for single cells, circulating cancer DNA (cell free DNA) or purified DNA. We offer a unique set of expertise, innovative technologies and competitive pricing to open the way to single-cell genomics, circulating tumor DNA (cell free DNA) analysis, and any other low level DNA studies.

Benefits of this Service Include:

  • It is based on a technology with higher sensitivity that can amplify even very low input DNA samples (down to femtograms)
  • The amplified DNA is of higher quality in terms of genome coverage because TruePrime technology avoids random primers bias
  • The service includes additional QC steps that ensure the quality of the final sample: DNA purification, DNA quantification and a PCR based genome coverage check.

What’s Included?

We take care of whole workflow after sample collection to single-cell or cell free DNA genomics

Available for:

Purified ctDNA Amplification  Single Cell  Plasma ctDNA Amplification  Purified DNA WGA

We use a new DNA amplification technology that doesn’t rely on random primers and that prevents the reaction from the usual amplification bias and primer artefacts.

Our DNA amplification technology shows sensitivity down to femtograms of DNA, has a reduced allelic dropout (ADO) rate and is the only WGA method suitable for both analysis of Single Nucleotide Variations (SNV) and Copy Number Variations (CNV).

We ensure the quality of the sample checking; as a first step the amount of DNA obtained using always a combination of different methods:

- PicoGreen: ultrasensitive fluorescent DNA quantification

- DNA purification

- QuBit: target specific fluorescence DNA quantification method.

CovCheck is our unique PCR based quality control assay for amplified DNA samples. Using CovCheck we can detect most of the issues that could affect your downstream applications:

- Damaged nucleus / cells
- Preferential binding of the primers to specific regions of the genome
- Nonspecific amplification artifacts
- Internal or external contamination
- Bad DNA quality / quantity.
Alternatively we can complete your study with:

- Library preparation
- DNA sequencing using Illumina platforms (including whole genome sequencing)
- Tailored data analysis.

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