TrueHelix – Free Bioinformatics Tools

TrueHelix is a new, totally free, bioinformatics service platform that will be delivered through the Expedeon website. TrueHelix is focussed towards Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) providers or individual users to provide tools to help analyze sequencing data. This new service platform will grow to incorporate more tools over time, providing valuable services to its users that will complement and support the Expedeon genomic product range.

 TruePure – Contamination Analysis for Sequencing Check if your NGS sequences show any kind of contamination with sequences from species that should not be there. You will get a graphical overview and a table with the number of sequences found for all species. Only needs 10,000 sequence reads in either *.fastq or *.fasta format! Every target genome possible!
TruePlane – Evenness of Coverage for NGS Data Want to check the evenness of your amplification and NGS-sequencing? Then upload you sequences to our server and get an overview. The whole amount of sequences is needed. If you have files bigger than 1Gb please split the files before uploading them with TrueSplit. Only usable for *.fastq files from human genomes!
TrueSplit – Splitting Tool Do you want to analyze an entire large sequence? Then split the forward (and reverse) reads with our downloadable TrueSplit tool! It creates files with a maximum size of 1Gb, which can easily and quickly be uploaded for use with our tools. Only usable for *.fastq files!
TrueGC – Content Checker Have you sequenced a special region in your genome? Or just want to check if amplification and sequencing has covered everything well? Then check for the GC content in just 10.000 sequences reads! Usable for *.fastq and *.fasta files!
TrueNature Not sure about the quality of your NGS-sequences? Want to know exactly how reliable the results from the sequencing are? Then get some overview of the sequencing quality. Just upload 10.000 sequence reads! Usable for *.fastq and *.fasta files!
TrueMer (COMING SOON) Do you suspect some amplification / sequencing bias in your NGS sequences? Then check a general k-mer representation of your sequences and get a detailed graphic for standard or individually set k-mers! You will need to upload the whole amount of sequence data, so for files bigger than 1Gb, please use TrueSplit to split the respective files. Only usable for *.fastq files!
TrueSound (COMING SOON) You want to have even more information about the quality of your amplification or sequencing approach? Then upload your whole amount of human sequences and get a detailed report on nucleotide error rates regarding the human genome. If you have sequence files bigger than 1Gb, please use TrueSplit to split the respective files. Only usable for *.fastq files!

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