June 26th, 2019

CaptSure™ DIY ELISA is the latest cutting-edge ELISA kit with a built-in system for antibody labeling, enabling the rapid and easy development of in-house ELISAs using any antibody pair while eliminating the need to perform plate coating procedures. [button link="" label="Discover CaptSure™ DIY ELISA"]



June 3rd, 2019

ELISA-ONE are next generation ready to use ELISA kits for the fast detection of key intracellular proteins that undergo phosphorylation in major signaling pathways.


Check&Go! Protocol Video

July 20th, 2018

Expedeon Check&Go! Range of products enable the quick and easy confirmation that your antibody has successfully conjugated to your label. If you would like to view our Check&Go! kits click here


InstantBlue™ Protein Stain Protocol Video

July 2nd, 2018

InstantBlue™ is a ready to use Coomassie protein stain for polyacrylamide gels. Its unique mechanism of action stains proteins in 15 minutes while leaving a clear background eliminating the need to fix, wash or destain. Formulated for safe use and easy disposal, its ready for use straight out of the bottle and…


Antibody labeling protocol video

May 7th, 2018

Stop using secondary antibodies in immunoassays! Save time and materials by labeling your primary antibodies in under 20 min. For use in ELISA, western blotting, IHC, flow cytometry and many other applications. Scientists love our Lightning-Link® kits because of the remarkable simplicity of the technology. Now they can open a…


Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System Let’s Get Started

February 13th, 2018

The compact, bench-top Gelfree 8100 Fractionation Station provides specified voltage to each of eight independent channels and pauses for fraction collection according to user programming. Using the touch screen interface, the fractionation sequence is defined or selected, permitting broad mass range analyte fractionation or target protein enrichment in accordance with…


Expedeon protein discovery & analysis

February 13th, 2018

Our sister company Expedeon offers a number of innovative tools and reagents to enable proteins scientists to progress faster than is currently possible. As protein scientists ourselves we understand the issues faced by scientists working in hectic research labs to tight deadlines. With this in mind we have reviewed…


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